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Overpainting webtool (desktop only!) to create kollages by sampling found images and using these samples as a paint.

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Nice feature and important constraint is that you can’t control how your images are cropped. You pile them in layers with no crop adjustments and mask as you want. This lack of control and unpredictability is essential to this tool. If you need more control — don’t bother and use Photoshop.


Greeting screen consists of:

1) Instructions;
2) Special “K” by C. Montgomery Burns because it's really good idea, mr. Burns!
3) Queen Elisabeth II Silver Jubilee portrait as used in Sex Pistols promos by one and only Jamie Reid. It is an enlarged newspaper print of the iconic official Silver Jubilee portrait of the Queen by photographer Peter Grugeon (not by Cecil Beaton);
4) White-out white to clean up mistakes;
5) Greenscreen green (just in case).


All tool identity made only by using the tool itself. Nice little thing.

In use:


Tbilisi Series, 2022.


End of the century, 2022.


Illustration for Bookmate Journal, 2022.


Cover for Vertinskiy mixes by DJ Designer (unused), 2023.


Cover for DJ Designer’s edit of “Somebody to Love” by Jefferson Airplane (unused), 2023.

Standalone app version

First draft was built with Processing:

The brush is round so it’s more accurate but less interesting. Nevertheless, I still like this images:

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