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Cover for Polyn debut album.



The album titled “202022” to frame time period between the belarusian revolt of 2020 and the start of russian invasion in Ukraine.

It’s derived from dating principle I’ve used previously to date projects made in 2020 and 2021 glueing together two years of life which were perceived like very long endless one 202021.


From the start we’ve decided to make it materialistic. It took a lot of time to choose a scale of type. The album is quite personal so we’ve stopped on some small type comparable to the palm of the hand.

Then my faucet broke and I went to the builder store to buy one along with some stuff I needed.

And there I’ve found Tolsen 3mm character punches (as well as numeral ones):

I bought some beer to supply myself with courage and materials and everything worked out great.

Hammered tins was then scanned (to the great confusion of a nice lady who worked in local print shop):


The album was released only digitally so we didn’t need backside but I’ve made it anyway. Just for brutal beauty of itself.

There’s only a tracklist which was hummered out dozen of times until I’ve got one I liked in terms of depth and composition.

Grid paper was used as template and all the type was set.

On both sides I’ve also applied rough texture I found on the street. Some metal utility box on the wall of my house rusted just right with all stains and shit. Beautiful: