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Litradio identity

Base element of identity is punctuation which was interpreted as speaker holes punctured through pages (radio it is).

Sign system

Round (Braun-ish) speaker-like sign made of dots and commas.

96 dots were generated with little Processing script (using noise). 9 commas were drawn clean but slightly different as scanned old school print would be and then pixelated to make all set evenly rough.

This set of punctuation was used in sign generator (made w/ Processing) to produce different arbitrary combinations.

Rugged edges were made deliberately to represent inaccuracies of scanned printed type.

Custom “font”

Punctuation made for speaker sign previously was then compiled into custom font. This font then used as substitute for dots, commas, colons and semi-colons in print and digital matter making every piece of text warmer, even “analog” and 100 % Litradio.

Main font is the beautiful “Apercu” by Colophon Foundry.


Masthead was drawn to have this “writing feeling”. It looks like monospaced but it’s not.

Shortened, low-case and link versions were made too.


Rough “scanned” punctuation is accompanied by same low fidelity illustrations made in my personal collage technique sourced from old victorian book scans.

Old illustrations are reappropriated, reassembled and recycled to illustrate contemporary literature.

I think it was quite right decision to make them this way because of distinct and cohesive style, abstract but warm look and fast production as well.

Color scheme is muted as if the ink (images are printed with) was soaked into paper and saturation was lost.

More about illustrations


The identity system was fully implemented in magazine website. It's default Wordpress site but heavily illustrated, with typography quirks here and there.

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