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Out of the blue I was asked to create a sunflower tattoo to compliment an existing Borjgali (Georgian symbol of the Sun and eternity) tattoo.

I can’t make beautiful drawing (neither want to), so I’ve designed it.

1) I’ve traced the photo of a sunflower grown by “client” in a most humanistic way I can — shitty wiggly scribble. It’s so “bad” that tattooer asked if he should connect all detached ends of the outline.

2) The center of the flower is made accordingly to the Vogel model of floret arrangement. Each floret is oriented toward the next by approximately golden angle, so the sun can reach every one of them the most effective way. It’s really beautiful thing. I just made little Processing snippet to play with spiral density and that’s it.

3) Designing tattoo is quite nervous process. Everyone has to be sure about every choice made. So here’s one of the mockups made:

4) Tattoo master turn:

5) In the end the “client” is kinda happy. I haven’t got photo to prove it but believe me. Or believe client’s mother: even she found our result “nice”.