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Забыть в электричке

Siarhei Krauchanka book, collection of short stories, observations and notes he collected through years in Facebook, blog and notes.



The title is “To left behind (forget?) on a train” so we’ve decided to make something broken but lucid.

Image on the cover is made with Allloe application, my own custom slit scanner glitch tool, from source photo taken by author.

We’ve used three different photos and fucked up them in three different ways and printed all three covers. So you’ll never know which one you’ll get.

Designed with Ihar Yukhnevich. Layout by Ihar Yukhnevich.
Typeface: “Wremena” by Roman Gornitsky.
Editor: Andrei Dudko.
Publisher: Paul Antsipau.

Second release of Мяне няма publishing.